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The Orchid Journals

Many of my past paintings have been inspired by the flowers and plants I have seen on my travels, pops of colour in lush gardens, or interesting foliage I’ve seen while out walking. This new series of works focuses on orchids and echos the beautiful, interior spaces I’ve found them in. Orchids have struck me as almost unreal in their perfection, with their elegant form, waxy petals and subtle colour gradients. 

These new works document quiet moments, where I’ve been absorbed by the beauty of these flowers, set against the play of light through windows. 

Working in soft pastel tones and unexpected colour combinations, this series pushed me towards greater detail and more playful textures, experimenting with gestural brushstrokes and gradients of soft watercolour washes. I loved spending time with these works and I hope they carry the sense of levity and optimism I had in my studio while making them.


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