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Welcome to the colourful, joyful world of Leah Bartholomew’s art.

Leah’s paintings, art prints and murals will transform any space – whether it be a home or a workplace – by imbuing it with her signature colours and elements of nature. Take a look around to discover how you can enhance your interiors with art!

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The orchid is Mother Nature’s masterpiece - Robyn


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About the artist

Hi, I’m Leah. I’ve had an obsession with finding perfect colour combinations since I was a kid, when I refused to wear red and black together, insisting instead on peaches and pastels.

I am a multi-disciplined artist working from my studio in Byron Bay, Australia. My style is bold, colourful, energetic and optimistic. Drawing inspiration from nature, I interpret my surroundings through pattern and colour.

My process often begins with taking photos of flowers and plants from my local area or while travelling. The emotion evoked inspires the colour palette of my torn paper collages. I then combine these two elements which inform my large scale paintings.

Colour is a language and I want to evoke an emotional reaction with my viewer through my choice of palettes. Some days, I paint soft, earthy, subtle colours that inspire calm while other days I’m drawn to bold pops of bright colour.

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