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- I would love to have my artwork framed, can you tell me how you frame your art prints?


If you would like your artwork to arrive ready to hang, then your best option is to have your artwork framed. I work with a local, family run fine art printing and framing business who have been doing this for 30 years. They take the best professional care in framing your artwork and we keep the process nice and simple. Every frame is custom built, they are not readymade frames. I have worked hard with this team to bring you the best quality product at a competitive price. When you order your art print, you can choose a frame to match the size, we will print, frame, package and courier your art and it will arrive ready to hang. 


For your canvas art print, we choose to frame it with a float frame, meaning it has a slight gap between the art and the frame. All canvas prints are printed with an extra border to allow for stretching. Once stretched, it is framed with a float frame in a raw Tasmanian oak. Shipping is calculated at a flat rate Australia wide and a flat rate for international shipping. 



All of my paper prints are framed with a Tasmanian oak shadow box frame and with clear acrylic instead of glass so it will not shatter while couriering your artwork. It is a great solution for shipping and looks the same quality as glass.. A shadow box frame means there is a spacer between your art print and the acrylic. All my fine art paper prints are printed with a white border included, this way you do not need to add any mat board. 

You can also choose to have your artwork printed to edge (flush) so the frame meets the artwork without a white border.. Please add this in the notes at checkout if this is the look you prefer.




- Will my print look the same as the original painting?

Yes absolutely! I spend endless hours making sure you receive an exact replica of my original artwork…to the point I drive my printers mad making sure they get it exactly right. Honestly, you will not be able to tell the difference. I’m a colour perfectionist, I spend hours mixing my paints and getting them right on the original, so I make sure the print looks exactly the same. You will be able to see every detail, the texture of the paint, the texture of the canvas and the colours and print quality are the highest grade fine art print available called a giclee print. . It will not fade in the sun, it is an archival fine art print quality and the quality will last forever! Believe me when I say, when you receive your art print, you will be amazed at the vibrancy of the colours.


- Do you ship internationally?

I sure do! I ship my art all around the world and we make sure your original artwork or fine art print are carefully packaged so they arrive safely. I have my art in homes and businesses all around the world. Just select international shipping at checkout.


-Can I order a custom size print?

Yes you can. I am happy to accommodate your needs if my sizes don’t fit the space you’ve intended for your artwork. Please contact me for a custom size 


-What type of paint do you use for your original artworks?

I paint all my original artworks in acrylic paint and sometimes I use oil pastels and pencils to add texture

-How do I order a commissioned artwork or mural and what is the price? 

You can read all the information on the steps to a mural or painting commission here 



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